2017’s most important office design trend

Flexible work areas are in. Discover the benefits of activity-based working and how it can make employees happier, healthier and more productive.

The way we work is changing. Laptops are replacing bulky desktops and many offices have gone nearly or completely paperless. Meanwhile, technology takes care of most routine tasks, meaning the majority of today’s office work involves problem-solving, solution development and knowledge generation. But sitting at a workstation or conference-room table often isn’t the best environment for this type of creative work, especially when collaboration is involved.

That’s why businesses of all sizes are rushing to embrace activity-based working (ABW). Used by companies such as Google, Microsoft, KPMG and the Commonwealth Bank, ABW complements workstations with a choice of appealing, comfortable work areas, from quiet pods for focused tasks to open-plan lounge areas for lively brainstorming sessions.

The benefits of activity based-working include:

  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing – teams can have a de facto catch-up in a pod or breakout area in addition to more formal meetings.
  • Enhanced concentration for focused tasks – Open-plan offices are great, but some people find background noise distracting. Providing ‘focus pods’ lets staff have a quiet space for tasks that require serious concentration.
  • Healthier staff – Moving between areas depending on their current task means employees are less sedentary during the day. That means better health and less sick days.
  • Empowered employees – We all have different needs and preferences around our working habits. Activity-based working recognises that and lets staff decide where and how they work best for each task, which is great for employee satisfaction.
  • Attract and retain staff – Activity-based working is fast becoming a major selling point for recruitment. Increased choice, better interactions with colleagues and a more appealing office environment helps business attract and retain staff.
  • Add value and flexible – ABW seating adds value to a space. Most activity-based furniture is modular, giving you the flexibility to mix and match various pieces and alter your office space as project or workforce needs change.

Activity-based working is poised to become even more popular over the next few years, which is why AMS Furniture has added a selection of ABW Seating to their already extensive range of office equipment.

Built for flexibility, efficiency and style, the contemporary range includes booths, lounges, ottomans, focus pods and visitor chairs, with many products available in custom configurations to meet the diverse needs of any modern-day enterprise.

The seats are soft, supportive and available in 16 striking colours, from classic blacks and greys to vibrant reds, greens and blues. AMS Furniture’s house fabric is incredibly hard-wearing, or businesses can supply their own fabric for the ultimate in custom seating.

Manufactured in Sydney, ABW Seating is incredibly cost-effective and offers some of the fastest turnaround times in the business. In most cases, your activity-based furniture will be manufactured and available in six weeks.

Browse the full range of ABW Seating, or contact AMS Furniture on 1300 799 841 for more information.