5 Accessories to Boost Office Practicality

Office desk clutter isn’t uncommon, and it can quite quickly lead to cluttered thoughts. If this kind of unproductivity has no place in your workday, it’s probably time to consider an office desk overhaul.

Smart office accessories and storage solutions can take a desk from a disaster to a dynamic workspace instantly. We’ve picked the top 5 office accessories that may have been overlooked for individuals looking to optimise their workspace practicality.

1.   Office Workstation Panel


There is loads of space that can be utilised within a workspace, not simply limited to the desk and drawers alone. Workstation panels are the perfect starting point for space optimisation and increased storage. They can be wall mounted or hooked on, providing a space to easily attach paper trays and binder holders.  Depending on the amount of storage required, panels featuring single or double rails are available and so too colours and finishes that will pair perfectly with the office furniture.

2.   Hook-In Office Desk Accessories


If a space is lacking accessible walls there are other options available. Hook-in desk accessories provide a significant amount of additional storage space. Hook-in Paper Trays are an alternative to clear clutter. A Hook-in Phone Holder enables convenient access to phone systems while keeping it out of the way. A variety of hook-in trays within arm’s length will ensure any books or paperwork stay organised and still easily accessible.

3.   Computer Monitor Arms


Having a static monitor can provide usability issues during professional meetings and other collaborative tasks, making it difficult to share the screen view. Polar Monitor Arms facilitate a swivel motion, enabling the monitor to be moved with ease. Available with single or dual arms, this office accessory is a must-have for any contemporary business or workplace that operates collaboratively.

4.   Laptop Holder


For employees that are constantly on the go, a laptop can be a real saviour. The time wasted transferring documents over to a desktop, can be reduced by simply mounting the laptop on to a holder. Laptop holders are designed to increase comfort when working from a laptop. The height and degree of the laptop can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference, and gripping dots are in place to prevent slipping. The holder can also be mounted on to monitor arms, which is great for presentations or collaborative work.

5.   Fabric Covered Pinboard


One of the most essential office accessories, the pinboard is the old favourite that has proven its worth for decades. A pinboard can be used in communal areas to promote important information, or in a personal office space to post ideas, reminders or deadlines. We have a range of sizes and colours available to provide the freedom to customise the pinboard to suit the office setting. A pinboard is a practical way to grab attention and ensures that important information stays visible.


Creating a more practical workspace could be all it takes to boost productivity and drive results. AMS Furniture is your trusted Australian wholesale office furniture manufacturer. Contact us today to find out more about the available space optimisation accessories.