5 Benefits of Activity Based Working

What is Activity Based Working?

For the last few years, the concept of activity-based working (ABW) has been sweeping corporate Australia and compelling organisations to rethink their cultural and strategic objectives. The idea of ABW is to provide freedom of choice in the way people work by having a workspace that allows them to be more collaborative.

ABW recognises that every staff member has a different role to play, and to be better supported they need diversity in work settings, appropriate technology, and open platforms for collaboration. Here are 5 key benefits companies can enjoy as a result of creating their own activity-based workplace.

  1. Increases collaboration and productivity amongst staff

In activity-based workstations, communication among employees is fostered by a teamwork-oriented environment. Personnel are encouraged to share their own insider knowledge with other departments, making collaboration better, decision-making more efficient, and increasing overall company productivity.

  1. Enhances concentration for focused tasks

Open-plan offices definitely offer a lot of benefits for the modern-day workplace, however some employees may find background noise distracting. Providing ‘focus rooms’ allows staff to escape from the busy open-plan sections of an office and concentrate on the task at hand in a quiet, private area.

  1. Gives employees flexibility

Activity-based working benefits employees by giving them open and flexible workspace with the right acoustics for their work. Additionally, ABW seeks to remove unnecessary rules and procedures, removing the pressure of rigid working hours and permanents workspaces to give staff a more fluid working environment.

  1. Uses less office space

In general, working to an ABW model will cut down on the amount of space a team takes up, as there’s no need for several individual workstations and the consequential clutter that comes with them. You can use lockers for storing individual possessions, meaning limited personal belongings actually make it into the workspace in the first place, and allowing for a wider team atmosphere with no definitive personal spaces.

  1. Enjoyable work space

Activity based working is all about fostering collaboration among employees by being more flexible and open to new ideas. This inevitably means employees feel more satisfied in the workplace by engaging them in different challenges without the stress of retribution, and that ultimately makes for more productivity as well.

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