About Us

AMS Furniture is the Australian answer to office furniture. We help create workplaces that work, in a uniquely Australian way. Our range of commercial office furniture is designed and manufactured locally, which avoids issues with imported products: delivery delays, quality problems and communication breakdowns.

Instead, we make it intuitive. Exacting quality standards to meet customer expectations. Workmanship and service to rely on. The latest Australian interior design and fitout trends to excite and inspire. And a local’s understanding of the standards, practices and changing needs of Australian workplaces.

As a wholesaler of commercial office furniture, AMS’s success is built on the strength of our distribution network. We take a partnership approach, working closely with distributors around Australia to meet customer commitments, and ensuring that timelines and expectations are delivered upon.

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What we care about

At AMS Furniture, we care about people and the planet. That's why quality, safety and sustainability are front and centre in everything do. Not only the workspaces we create, but what goes on behind the scenes too. From the materials we use to the packaging we choose and our manufacturing and installation processes.

  • Quality: Our processes are quality certified (ISO 9001, 14001 and AS4801 accredited), we use only the best materials to manufacture our furniture, and take every opportunity to obtain materials from sustainable sources.

    ISO 9001   AS/NZS 4801   ISO 14001
  • Environmental responsibility: our Product Stewardship Program ensures we manage all products and materials in a way that reduces their impact on the environment and people's health and safety.
  • Safety: we adhere to the latest safety standards and practices in the design of your workspace and our office furniture, and in the management of our operations at our Australian manufacturing facilities.
  • Social responsibility: we support the communities in which we operate by providing local employment opportunities.

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