ABW vs Traditional Workspaces

Workspaces are certainly adapting to the modern workforce, and we’re seeing a significant shift in layout designs. Office space is typically the second biggest cost for a business. Current space utilisation rates sit at around 60-70%, meaning 30-40% of office space is unused or wasted. Contemporary office design is calling for a more holistic approach, and aims to utilise space in way that will have the most positive impact on employee wellbeing and work ethic.

ABW (activity based working) is a new concept that supports a collaborative culture by organising the office in a way that promotes productivity and enjoyment. Broadening the workplace can be beneficial for some industries, however traditional spaces are still very relevant to others.

We’ll cover the benefits of both, and how each office design can increase productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Key Developments

90% of Australian employees admit the quality of their work is directly affected by their work environment*. Therefore, it’s extremely important to identify what kind of work environment will best suit your employees.


  • Workers in a typical office will partake in over 10 different activities per day. An activity based workplace provides the flexibility to cater        to these activities.
  • Research shows that employees completing creative and collaborative tasks are incredibly satisfied with ABW.
  • ABW reduces the negative impact of noise by allowing workers to choose an area and soundscape that’s best suited to them.
  • Moving between stations promotes healthier, more active living.
  • It allows employees to explore how and where they work best, empowering them to have the most efficient workday possible.

Best Designs:

In a high-energy, mobile workplace, there is often a number of different activities taking place throughout the day. With such diversity in a single space, it’s important to incorporate a wide variety of furniture suitable for different areas and activities.

For creative spaces:

  • Pebble: An ottoman designed to provide comfort in creative spaces. The Pebble is available in a range of shapes and sizes, it’s light              and easy to move, and requires minimal floor space.
  • Park: The versatile Park range can be adjusted and re-positioned to create different working environments depending on the needs –            breakout areas, ad-hoc meeting areas or a quiet space for a single employee.
  • Archer: A semi-private workstation where employees can work undisturbed.

The selection of furniture available for an activity based office is extremely versatile, and can be customised to suit a variety of settings, from meetings and brainstorming sessions, to individual tasks.

Pebble ottoman Park range of furniture Archer workstation


  • A conventional office setting is more appropriate for employees that require quiet spaces for focused work.
  • Individual offices allow employees to personalise their space and truly make it their own.
  • Employees are less distracted and can remain focused during individual work.

Best Designs:

A traditional office will usually consist of individual work spaces for employees. They will complete a majority of their work in this space, so it’s important to include ergonomically designed furniture that allows for personalisation.

  • Strata Electric Desks: Raising workspaces to new heights. The Strata Electric range offers practicality and ergonomics, with an                      electrically adjustable desk height – for standing and sitting positions to suit the user’s needs with ease.
  • Cubit + Connect 30 Workstation Clusters: Allow employees to work efficiently in teams or individually with these versatile clusters.                Create the best shape to suit your office space and add Connect 30 Screens for additional privacy.
  • Posture Perfect Seating: A range of office chairs that support employee well-being. They’re comfortable, easily adjustable and                        designed to increase performance and focus. The perfect chair is important for workers personalising their work space.

The contemporary range of office furniture is designed to integrate into any conventional office setting, and can be customised to best suit workplaces, employees and their needs.

Strata electric desk Workstation cluster Vortex mesh back posture seat

How will your office thrive?
If ABW is going to be successful in the workplace, it must be relevant to the workforce. If your workforce involves mobility, team work, collaborations and creative projects, the dynamics of activity based working could produce significant benefits for employees. At AMS, we recommend a mix of both traditional working spaces and ABW spaces. By creating a mix of both you are offering your employees agility and giving them options to work how they feel most comfortable and productive.

Consider how the office environment will affect employees, their workplace goals and overall work ethic. Finding furniture to support your choice is simple! Contact AMS Furniture to find your nearest dealer or become an approved dealer today and supply local businesses with quality, ergonomic furniture to make their workplace work.

Contact us for more information about our ABW range or call our Sales Team today on 1300 799 841. 

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