The contemporary design of Zara is paired with sturdy wooden feet to create a homely comfort factor that will extend a warm welcome in a reception or executive offices. Stand Zara alone as a cosy place to pass time, or pair to create a relaxed atmosphere for one-to-one conversation.

Feature Highlights

  • Available in any fabric to suit your colour scheme
  • Versatile standalone office chair
  • Unique wooden feet
  • Standard lead-time is 5-6 weeks from the order date

Range Options


1 Seater


2 Seater

Fabric A, B


External (mm) Seat (mm)
Code Description Height Width Depth Height Depth Meterage
ZARA1S Zara 1 Seater Booth 1100 850 750 450 520 6
ZARA2S Zara 2 Seater Booth 1100 1500 750 450 520 8
Note: Custom two-tone upholstery orders (outside the standard
two tone specifications) may incur an additional charge.
Description Zara 1 Seater Booth
External Height 1100
External Width 850
External Depth 750
Seat Height 450
Seat Depth 520
Meterage 6
Description Zara 2 Seater Booth
External Height 1100
External Width 1500
External Depth 750
Seat Height 450
Seat Depth 520
Meterage 8

Benefits of an activity based workplace

  • Concentration


    Concentration Enhances concentration for focused tasks. Open-plan offices are great, but some people find background noise distracting. Providing 'focus rooms' lets staff have a quiet space for tasks that require serious concentration.

  • More Active Employees

    More Active Employees

    Moving between areas depending on their current task means staff are less sedentary during the day. That encourages better health and can reduce sick days.

  • Empowers Staff

    Empowers Staff

    We all have different needs and preferences around our working habits. Activity-based worki sng recognises this and lets staff decide how and where they work best for each task.

  • Attract and Retain Staff

    Attract and Retain Staff

    Activity-based working is fast becoming a major selling point for recruitment. Increased choice, better interactions with colleagues and a more appealing office environment improves employee satisfaction and helps businesses attract and retain staff.

  • Valuable and Flexible Fit-outs

    Valuable and Flexible Fit-outs

    ABW Seating adds value to a space. It is easy to move, can be combined with traditional workstations and gives you the flexibility to alter your office space as your project or workforce changes.

  • Collaboration


    Improves collaboration and knowledge sharing – teams can have a catch-up in a pod or breakout area, in addition to formal meeting rooms.