How to Choose a Desk for the Ultimate Office Layout

There’s more to sitting behind an office desk than you could imagine. Chances are the person sitting behind the desk is working towards something brilliant. This brilliance and the keys to success lie in a prosperous work environment. This environment should be filled with practical and stylish office furniture, designed to promote productivity and wellbeing.

There are several elements to an office that contribute to the overall efficiency. Office desks are a key component in an office setup, and choosing the most appropriate desk for the job is vital in an office’s overall success.

Designing an office space

There are several important points to consider when designing an office space. These include:

Space: Consider how much space you have to work with, and choose furniture accordingly. Try to utilise the entire space and integrate ergonomically designed furniture that will make the space look and feel efficient.

Navigation: How will people be moving through the office and how often? An office that’s easy to navigate creates a calm, efficient and productive atmosphere.

Areas: How many different areas will be featured in your office space? Does your office require a boardroom, collaborative spaces, hot desking areas and individual work spaces?

Enclosure: To what degree is your office space enclosed by walls, doors, windows and ceilings? How you can you most effectively furnish the office with enclosures in mind?

Perspective: Where should workers be focusing their attention. Will their surroundings and the placement of the furniture promote concentration?

Finding the right desk for the job

AMS Furniture offer a selection of modern desks suitable for every office. After assessing the space with the points above, it’s time to choose a desking solution that will compliment the overall office design.


The Vectra desking range is an exceptional choice for any open plan office or creative, collaborative spaces. Designed with fully adjustable height features, the Vectra offers the versatility to thrive in a workspace that’s constantly evolving. The ergonomic features promote comfort and productivity, while the streamline design ensures aesthetic performance in contemporary offices.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Fixed or user adjust height
  • Straight desk or dual-benching


The Cubit desking system is the answer to a modern, functional and clean cut office. This system offers an open environment to encourage team work and collaboration, while still having the option to maintain an element of privacy.

Key features:

  • Available in straight or corner workstations
  • Two, four or six person back to back options
  • Simple and sophisticated design great for any open office

Strata Electric

The Strata series is second to none with its impressive performance and reliability. This workstation can be easily accessorised to enhance any workspace, turning an average desk into a complete office station. This desking solution is suitable for open office spaces, and is easily adaptable with screen systems when privacy is required.

Key features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Choose from straight, corner, 180 degree or dual benching office desks
  • Customise to your liking with shelves, brackets and umbilicals
  • Easily assembled


This range of workstations gives you the opportunity to create a unique office that’s best suited to employees and the nature of the job. A stable, stylish and versatile addition to any office or boardroom.

Key features:

  • Available in straight desks, workstations and straight benching systems
  • Triangular loop leg designs
  • Two powdercoat colour options
  • Two, four or six person back to back options

AMS Furniture are your wholesale office furniture experts. Office furniture plays a pivotal role in the success of a workplace, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of its employees. If you have a vision, and you’re looking to embark on an office design project, get in contact with our team to find your nearest AMS dealer!