Office chairs that unlock productivity

Ever thought of office chairs as a big business decision? They could just unleash the extra productivity and morale you’ve been searching for.

Yes, “ergonomics” is a buzzword – but what are the bottom-line benefits of investing in ergonomic furniture? And how can you get it right with minimal time, energy and outlay?

Like industrialised countries around the world, Australians spend most of their adult life in the workplace – with many workers sitting for around six hours per day.

While taking breaks and workstation set-up are crucial, sitting posture has an enormous impact on staff wellbeing, focus and performance.

Research studies (such as Dr Marvin J Dainoff, PhD) show that aadjustable workstations – allowing users to work in more comfortable postures – improve environmental satisfaction and productivity.

The costs

Without the proper support of an ergonomic chair, extended sitting can lead to back, neck and jaw pain, breathing difficulties, balance issues, jaw problems, muscle fatigue and exhaustion. The results? Slower pace, lost time, absenteeism and dissatisfaction.

The paybacks

Get posture right and the paybacks are endless, even improving the quality and efficiency of work. As well as the physical health benefits, a recent study suggests that good sitting posture can improve mental wellbeing – leading to a more positive team dynamic.

How to do it

Just because a chair is labeled “ergonomic” doesn’t mean it is. Choose your supplier carefully to get what you pay for. A chair is ergonomic only when it specifically suits a worker’s body, his or her workstation, and the tasks that are performed there.

AMS Furniture’s Posture Perfect Seating is a range of specially designed task and visitor chairs constructed with comfort, durability and workplace performance in mind.

Premium ergonomic chairs at an affordable price, they allow adjustment for different users, tasks and offices. By promoting good posture and back support, they help employees do desk-based activities without strain – reducing fatigue and discomfort while maximising efficiency.

Features include:

 Innovative materials, contemporary styles

  • Seat and back height and tilt adjustment
  • Midback and highback variations
  • Optional height adjustable arms & drafting kit
  • Level 6 AFRDI tested task chairs
  • Exciting new range of modern visitor chairs
  • Selection of 10 striking house fabric colours or BYO fabric
  • Australian made with a 4-5 week lead time

With specialist advice, we make it easy to choose the best seating for your team, tasks and office environment – taking the guesswork out of the often-confusing world of “ergonomics”.

For more information, contact AMS Furniture on 1300 799 841.

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