Posture perfect for better productivity

Better workplace posture does more than ease back pain: it can unleash new levels of productivity. Our new Posture Perfect Seating range could be your secret ingredient to boosting business performance.

Australians spend most of their adult life in the workplace, with many workers sitting for around six hours per day.

While taking breaks and workstation set-up are crucial, sitting posture has an enormous impact on staff comfort, wellbeing and concentration.

Without the proper support of an ergonomic chair, extended sitting can cause back, neck and jaw pain, breathing difficulties, balance issues, jaw problems, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

Get posture right and the paybacks are endless, even improving the quality and efficiency of work. As well as the obvious physical benefits, a recent study suggests that good sitting posture can improve mental wellbeing – leading to a more positive team dynamic.

That’s why AMS Furniture is delighted to introduce our new Posture Perfect Seating range: premium ergonomic chairs at an affordable price.

Our specially designed task and visitor chairs are constructed for comfort, durability, performance and style – allowing ergonomic adjustment for different users, tasks and office environments. By promoting good posture and back support, they help employees do desk-based activities without strain – reducing aches and discomfort while maximising efficiency.

The range includes:

  • Ergonomic Task Seating: 5 designs, height and back adjustment, special variations available.
  • Visitor Seating: 4 designs, visitors enjoy complete comfort in style.

With specialist advice, we make it easy to choose the best seating for the office environment – taking the guesswork out of the often-confusing world of “ergonomics”.

Posture Perfect Seating is a wise investment for workplaces that prioritise office productivity, safety and comfort.

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