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Looking to create your perfect office?

Often a component of an office workspace that does not get as much consideration as it needs is the humble worktop or tabletop. Other furniture companies only sell tables that have a fixed worktop bench or tabletop. Here at AMS Furniture, we believe that every office is unique in its needs and design and that’s why we can custom make any table, desk or work bench that your office might require.

All our custom worktops, tabletops or benches are manufactured in Australia with the highest quality material. All our tabletops are made to order and come with a 10-year warranty, which means that you can be confident that our tabletops and worktops are built to last. We stock a large range of melamine board in our warehouse in a range of colour and size options to suit your unique project.


About our products

At AMS Furniture we are your office partners throughout the whole process. We not only sell the right office furniture for your project, we also work with you to determine the best furniture for your office and assist with the planning of where to place the furniture. As we are an Australian company, all of our office furniture is designed and manufactured here in Australia. When you work with us you can be confident that you are working with a local business.

We offer complete customisation of all our office furniture as we know that every office has unique needs from layout and styles to budgets and more. Our custom tabletops and worktops are made from EO particle board, an environmentally friendly material designed to suit the conscious consumer.


Why AMS?

We are Australia’s largest and most trusted wholesale supplier of office furniture and unique supplier of custom worktops and tabletops. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide Australia’s workforce with high-quality and unique office equipment and outstanding customer service. When you work with AMS you can be confident that we will put your priorities first.

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