At AMS, we offer high-quality office furniture installation services to retailers all around Australia. Our trusted team of professional furniture installers are not only experts in our product range but also work to the highest standards to meet customer expectations for efficiency and tailored office installation services.

When you engage with AMS, you can be confident that your project is in safe hands. Our values of trust, honesty and open communication make us second to none in the commercial office furniture industry. We partner with a network of professional furniture installers across the country, meaning we can offer you our services regardless of where you are in Australia.


Why AMS?

AMS Furniture is the Australian answer to wholesale commercial office furniture installation. We are local, reliable and offer tailored solutions for ongoing value. Our team of professional furniture installers and our quality office installation services are the solutions to all your furniture installation needs.

As a wholesaler and experts in commercial office furniture, we partner with professional installers across Australia to meet customer expectations and ensure timeliness in our deliveries. Furniture distributors choose to work with us for our high-quality products and office furniture installation services. This helps avoid issues associated with imported products such as delivery delays, quality problems and lack of communication. Our furniture solutions are intuitive, local and continuously adapting to meet the changing requirements of Australian workplaces.

Of course, our processes are quality certified, and we use only the best materials when manufacturing our furniture. We offer unique designs and creative customisations to meet the needs of every customer. We pride ourselves in fast turnarounds and processing times, as well as quality office furniture delivery and installation. AMS also offers superior value and warranty support. All our office furniture installation services are provided by experienced professional furniture installers.

At AMS Furniture, we care about the environment and our communities. We always take the opportunity to source sustainable materials for everything from packaging to manufacturing and even office furniture delivery and installation. Our Product Stewardship Program means we do our best to operate in a way that is sustainable and in line with our values. Local communities love us for our continuous support towards corporate social responsibility, including providing local employment opportunities and keeping people and the environment healthy.