Top office design trends: flexible desk options that rise to the occasion

The feel and function of modern offices have transformed – and fitouts have to catch up fast. The key? Smart workstations that rise to the occasion.

Technology means that we’re no longer ‘tied’ to our desks but many still need access to one. Today, bleak rows of fixed desks are frowned upon and often considered counter-productive.

With this in mind, what are the top trends influencing our choice of workstations?

  • Prolonged sitting is ‘the new smoking’, with emerging links to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke and premature death.
  • Increased flexibility, mobility and ‘hot desking’ call for more adaptable workspaces.
  • Today’s diverse workforces vary widely in age, needs and physical ability.
  • The demand for more interactive and dynamic offices, especially among a new generation of workers.
  • The direct link between workplace design and productivity, with engagement rising when workers can move freely and change postures through the day.

The common theme is clear: more movement! To answer that call, AMS Furniture has launched the Strata Selection.

A new collection of desk systems, The Strata Selection makes it easy to create a truly flexible and agile workplace – with standing options, height adjustment choices, and different desk types in matching designs. It’s the affordable way to achieve a stylish and unified look while offering desk diversity that caters to individual needs and collaborative work styles.

All desk systems come in a range of configurations, mixing modern slimline design with incredible durability, reliability and affordability.

The Strata Selection includes: Strata Electric that adjusts to individual needs with the flick of a switch; Strata Standard with a fixed height of 720mm; Strata Electric Lite offering a cost-effective, height adjustable desk that’s lighter in weight; and Strata Executive – an adjustable height desk solution for executives.

 For more information, contact AMS Furniture on 1300 799 841.