Why offices need a volume button and the easy way to get one

The volume button for busy offices!

Great workplace collaboration is a hallmark of a strong, effective and innovative team. But taking it to the extreme can be risky, especially when ‘open plan’ becomes the enemy of uninterrupted, focused work.

Today, it’s all about balance: making it easy for people to collaborate freely while letting them turn down the volume button when they need to.

  • Inject different levels of quiet, personal space when concentration is crucial
  • Semi-private nooks to wrap-around ‘clams’ and meeting booths
  • Compact, versatile and sleek

Creating quiet hubs doesn’t have to be complex, costly or cumbersome. Archer mod pods make it easy.

Archer uses modern curves, acoustic smarts and clever shapes to provide secluded spaces in busy offices. With focus screens, workstations and a choice of inviting privacy pods, it’s the perfect addition to today’s office environment.

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